5 Things to Prepare During Ramadan

Alhamdulillah, we were awarded the opportunity to enjoy the month of Ramadan, the holy month for all of us, the people of the Prophet Muhammad. For Muslims or Muslim women who are 40 years old, they may have felt 30 years of ibadah in the holy month.

For those who are 50 years old, they may have felt the pleasure of the holy month for 40 years. Etc. For the millennial generation, how many years have you felt the month in which the Qur’an was revealed?

Well, this article, I present to the millennial generation, who may not have too much experience entering the month. Here are five important things to prepare:

1. Fet’s sincerely accept God’s destiny.

Perhaps there are Muslims or Muslim women who have recently been affected, left by the closest person or family, let us be sincere. That’s God’s decision. For Muslims and Muslim women, who may have been blessed with children or couples before Ramadan or during Ramadan, we must also be sincere with the consequences. Ikhlas to take care and educat them. Ikhlas is a manifestation of gratitude toward God, Allah..

2. For those who have matters to finish or muamalah with fellow people, finish it immediately.

If something goes wrong, apologize. For those who are asked for apologize, don’t be arrogant, apologize with respect. For those who have promises to pay debts, for example, pay it immediately.

If you have not been able to pay, come, give an explanation and apologize. The one who gives the debt, accept the explanation and apologize, especially when you do not have the money yet. If these muamalah matters are finished, Insyaallah, Ibadah in Ramadan will be easier and devoted.

3. Entering Ramadan is entering the “examination room”.

The important test here is to refrain from anything that is not sanctioned by religion. Not only refrain from eating, drinking, intercourse, during the day, but also refraining from reprehensible problems such as bullying, lying, violence, intolerance, being undisciplined in doing office, household and other tasks.

4. Study, for Muslims and Muslim women is no less important than the three points above or point number five.

In fact, by studying, all the points will have a way. Through learning, we may understand God’s destiny (hablum minallâh) and human relations (hablum minannâs). By learning, we can answer all the tests. Learn from experts, learn from reliable sources.

5. Generous.

It is the most important trait to understand the four points above. Generous is the nature of giving, also understanding at once. Rasulullah is the most generous person. And the peak of generosity occurs during Ramadan. The context is material. But generosity can also be realized in the form of time, energy and mind. In essence, all of that is for godness.

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