Bahram al-Majusy and Muslim Women

One time Abdullah ibn Mubarak performed the Hajj. After thawaf and prayer at Hijr Ismail, he fell asleep and dreamed of meeting of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad rasululah sallahu alaihi wa sallam.

In his dream, he saw His Majesty the Messenger of Allah sallahu alaihi wa sallam advised him, “O Abdullah ibn Mubarak, when you finish performing the Hajj and return to Baghdad, come to a village. Look for someone named Bahram. Give my regards to him. Tell him, Allah bless you.”

Abdullah ibn Mubarak then woke up while muttering: “La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahilaliyyil ‘adhim.” He thought the dream came from shaitan. He then hurried to perform ablution, tawaf and prayer until he was exhausted and fell asleep and dreamed.

The incident repeated up to three times. Because of this, Abdullah ibn Mubarak confirmed that his dream was ar-ru’ya aṣ-ṣalihah which came from Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

After completing the entire pilgrimage, Abdullah ibn Mubarak rushed to carry out the will before returning to his hometown. He went to a village that was mentioned by His Majesty the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in his dream. After asking to several villagers, he arrived at a house that was quite magnificent.

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At the house, he met an old grandfather. He then asked, “Are you a person named Bahram al-Majusy?” The old grandfather answered straightly, “Right” He then introduced himself and told of his arrival looking for someone named Bahram al-Majusy.

To solidify the truth of his dream, Abdullah ibn Mubarak asked a number of questions to Bahram al-Majusy, “Do you have goodness with Allah that you can tell me?” Bahram replied, “Yes. I have four daughters and four sons. I married off each of them.”

Abdullah ibn Mubarak said, “No. It is forbidden by Allah. Is there anything other than that?” Bahram also replied, “Sure. I had a big party for the Majusy in their marriage. “Abdullah ibn Mubarak said, “Neither is that, old man.”

Abdullah ibn Mubarak then asked another question, “Is there any other good?” Bahram pondered for a moment then replied, “Yes. Maybe this is good according to your God. I have a daughter who became a village flower. No man is worth it. Finally, I married her.”

“On the first night, I had a big party. I invited no less than a thousand Majlis.” Abdullah ibn Mubarak was shocked, “Old man. This is even worse. Could there be something else? ”

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Hesitantly Bahram replied, “There is one more. On the night after the party was over, a woman who had the same religion as yours came to me asking for a fire to light the lights. Then she hurried away, extinguished the fire and returned again. That repeated three times. I suspect her.”

“In my heart I muttered, ‘It could be, this person is a spy of thieves’. Then I followed her. When she arrived at her house, I saw her meet his daughters. They whined as they said, “O mother, did you bring something to eat? We no longer have the strength and patience to endure hunger. ”

Then the woman’s eyes wept in tears and said, “O my daughters, I am ashamed to ask besides my Lord, especially to his enemy, the Majusy.”

After hearing their conversation, I hurried home and took a greeting. I filled the meal with various meals and I brought myself to his house. They rejoice because of that. While glorifying and holding back emotion.

Abdullah ibn Mubarak said, “This is just kindness. Congratulations. You have the right to receive good news. In my dream when performing Hajj in Masjidil Haram, Your Majesty Rasulullah sallahu alaihi wa sallam left greetings for you.” Immediately, the old man, Bahram al-Majusy declare, “Asyhadu an la ilaha illallah wa asyhadu Anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluh.” He fell down and died.

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Abdullah ibn Mubarak then bathed his body, memorized, prayed and buried him. Abdullah ibn Mubarak then said to the audience, “O servants of Allah, be generous to your fellow creatures of Allah. Because generosity can change the enemy to the degree of lover. ”

Source: Qâmi’ at-Tughyân alâ Syarh Mandhûmah Syu’ab al-Îmân karya Syeikh Muhammad Nawawi bin Umar al-Bantaniy al-Jâwiy

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