Fruit of Honesty of Ahmad Al-Yatim

It is said that in a country, a king’s servant picked up a small child who was stranded on the streets. Knowing that, the king ordered that the child be included in a part of his family. The king named the child Ahmad Al-Yatim.

After growing up, the child showed signs of glory and intelligence. The king educated, taught, privileged, and put it first in all his work and business affairs.

One day, the king ordered him to take something from his room. When he arrived at the room, he saw the king’s favorite slave girl acting suspiciously with a male servant.

Consciously caught, the slave begged the child to keep her actions secret. Ahmad said, “ Na’udzu billah. Do I have to betray the king, while he has done good to me? “The child passed from before the waiter.

“This kid can’t be compromised, apparently,” she muttered to herself. Fearing that her secret had been revealed, she and the male servant designed an evil plan. He then faced the king crying and said, “O your majesty, Ahmad al-Yatim had bothered me. He forced me to do a vile act. ”

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Hearing the words of his favorite slave, the king was very angry. He was determined to kill the child. He called the waiter head to face. “If I send someone to you to deliver a letter, kill him and bring his head to me,” the king ordered.

After a while, the king called Ahmad al-Yatim and said, “O Ahmad, go to the chief servant’s house. Convey this letter to him. ”

Found the king’s order, Ahmad immediately rushed to meet the head waiter. Amid the journey to the butler’s house, he was stopped by one of the other servants. Because he was known for his intelligence, he was asked to mediate the problems that occurred between the servants. Ahmad responded, “But I am carrying out the duties of the king.”

The servants offered a solution, “Look. We will send a servant to replace you in carrying out the task.

Ahmad al-Yatim finally agreed to the proposal. The servant who succeeded Ahmad al-Yatim rushed to meet the head waiter and delivered the king’s letter.

After reading the contents of the letter, without many words, the chief servant immediately killed and decapitated the servant to confront the king. When the headgear was opened, the king was surprised. Seeing that, the king ordered that Ahmad al-Yatim be presented before the king.
After explaining what had happened, the king asked, “Do you know what the sin of this servant, Ahmad?”

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Ahmad looked at the servant’s face and said, “Yes, your majesty. A few days ago, I caught this servant was indecent with yout beloved slave. ”

“Both of them asked me to swear to keep the act secret,” he added.

Knowing the true incident, the king then ordered to decapitate the slave. Finally, the slave and servant died because of the fruits of his own actions. After that, the king returned to believe and feel at ease with Ahmad al-Yatim.

Source: Alf Qishshoh wa Qishshoh min Qashas ash-Shalihin wa as-Shalihat wa nawadir az-Zahidin waz-Zahidatkarya Haniy al-Hajj.


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