KH. Muhsin Ali and Mushola Angkruk

Mushsin Ali, allahu yarhamuh, is one of the alumni of Pondowan Islamic Boarding School located in Pakis, Pati, Central Java owned by KH. Muhammadun. KH Muhammadun Pondowan was a scholar who was nicknamed Sibawaih Jawa by Sayyid Alawi al-Makki, because of Mbah Madun’s expertise in Nahwu science. KH. Muhammadun is the grandfather of the vanguard NU Muslim scholar, Ulil Abshar Abdallah.

It is said that after Kiai Muhsin graduated from the Pondowan boarding school, he was asked by KH Ali Ahmadi to teach at Mu’allimin, Bugel Kedung, Jepara. At that time, Mu’allimin Jepara was a school that enacted Ibn Malik’s alfiyyah memorization for grade examination. Along with the times, the regulation to memorize Alfiyyah which numbered to 1000 verses was no longer enforced. 

Mbah Muhsin, in addition to teaching at Muallimin, also received a small mosque (mushola) which was then known as “Langgar Angkruk”. This Mushola was what is later developed by Mbah Muhsin Ali to become al-Mustaqim Islamic Boarding School.

It is interesting to see and become a learning material for the millennial generation, to foster the interest of children to recite the Qur’an in Langgar Angkruk. Mbah Muhsin did not just teach the Qur’an, he made a simple tambourine and invited the children around the mushola to play the tambourine.

The tambourine formed by Mbah Muhsin then became viral and famous in the Bugel Village community. One night, the Tambourine team received an invitation to conduct a “show” at the home of one of the famous kyai (Muslim leader) in Bugel Village, Kiai Sulaiman. He invited the tambourine group as a local entertainment as he celebrated his son’s circumcision.

He was then so fascinated by the performance of Mbah Muhsin tambourine team, he asked the group to continue playing the tambourine while singing Salawat and Arabic classic songs. One thing he did not notice, there was a neighbor who was not comfortable with the performance of the tambourine group. The neighbor then reported the incident to Nyai Muslimah, mother of KH Muhsin Ali. Did not take long for her to respond. Mbah Nyai Muslimah went right away to the scene and found her son becoming a tambourine player.

She stopped the show and confiscated the tambourine.

After the incident, Mbah Muhsin convinced his mother that the tambourine tools were just being wary so that the neighboring children would want to learn and recite Qur’an in the Angkruk mushola. With that approach, Nyai Muslimah returned the tambourine and let her son continue his da’wah. Mbah Muhsin began to approach the village children again.

“If you still want to play tambourines, you should be taught Qur’an and fasolatan.” That’s how Mbah Muhsin told them. The village children nodded affirming what was ordered by Mbah Muhsin.

After that incident, every day there were juz amma and fasolatan prayers at the Angkruk Library.

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