Looking for a Living Because of Allah

God created day and night for human life. Of course humans must be able to manage the time by looking for the needs of the world and the hereafter. The world’s needs are related to making a living. As Allah said: “And We made the day to make a living” (QS: An-Naba: 11). The verse indicates that God encourages humans to seek a decent life by working. However, the work carried out must be accompanied by intentions because of Him.

It will look different to people who work because of God and people who work because of their needs. Man who works because of God starts his work with the intention, be patient, do his work responsibly, and set aside his income to be offered. Whereas a man who works because of his needs, he has no intention in his work, appears ego and emotion when facing problems in his work, doing his work without full responsibility, and the money he got will means nothing.

When the Prophet sat in an assembly with his companions, they saw a young man whose skin was jet black, muscular, and he came out earlier to work. So the friends said he was really sorry, even though he was young but his strength was used in the way of Allah. So the Prophet said: “Do not you say that, then in fact the young man if he goes out to make a living for his young children then he walks in the way of Allah, when he goes out to make a living for himself for the burden of his life then he walks in God, but if he goes out to make a living to show off and be arrogant then he has walked on the way of Satan. “

The above hadith shows that earning a living is part of human obligation to facilitate life in the world. But in earning a living, no escape from worship and prayer to Him. Because worship and prayer is a way of ease in the work we pursue. Conversely, if someone only worship and pray but he does not work then this will be prohibited. As Sayyidina Umar bin Khatab said in his halaqah, let not one of you just sit asking for sustenance to Allah by saying: “O Allah, grant me sustenance”. Really you know that the sky does not decrease gold and silver.

Looking for a living to buy physical needs and worship to overshadow spiritual needs, two activities that need to be considered by humans. Because the balance of both will make people successful and happy. Ibn Mas’ud once said: “Really I really hate if someone is lazy, he does not do what he supposed to for his life in this world and later in hereafter.” Ibn Mas’ud’s words contain wisdom that human beings who loosen up as described above will impacting the imagination and the length of wishful thinking.

But what kind of work blessed by Allah and His Messenger? This is always a question in our minds. Once the Messenger of Allah was asked “O Messenger of God, what is the best work for you?” The Prophet answered, “The work of someone with his own toil, and every honest trade. Then Rasulullah continued, “The best work is the work of someone who works honestly”.

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