The Dignity of Shaykh Abdul Qadir al Jailani

Who doesn’t know Waliyullah Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jaelani? His name is so fragrant for his dignity, being a role model for Muslims, especially in Indonesia, because of the high level of dignity he has.

Throughout Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jeailani’s life, he always brought himself closer to Allah, whether in his own lonely state, or in a crowded state with others. The level of his closeness was so high that he finally reached 20 muraqabah (a term in Sufi world showing someone who has taken care of his spiritual heart). Muraqabah Ahadiyah, Muraqabah Ma’iyah, Muraqabah Aqrabiyah, Muraqabah Wilayatul ‘Ulya, Murawabah Mahabbah, Muraqabah Kamalatinn Nubuwah and so on.

When praying, bows down (sujud) for a long time. Sujud is putting down the forehead, a person’s honor symbol to be placed in the lowest place. Sujud position is when you are as close as to Allah SWT.

It was told that one day, Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jaelani made a trip, came someone giving a bag of coffers containing money, full and lots. The person was sorry for Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jaelani who was having difficulty traveling without money. But he only wants to take 1/2 dirham (the smallest unit of coin) just to buy a piece of bread. The rest he returned to the person.

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After he bought a piece of bread from the gift, he heard a voice “Why does someone who always does Muraqabah to Allah, still has lust, selfishness, and hope for the giving of others?”

Hearing this, he blushed to himself and to Allah SWT. He regretted a piece of hope to those other than Allah SWT. Instantly, the bread was not eaten.

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