When Abdullah Bin Mubarak Payed Off Debt

Abdullah bin Mubarak (118–181 H / 736–797 AD) was a great Sufi who was also known as an expert in fiqh, hadith, and history. He was famous for being rich and generous. Muhammad ibn Isa relates that, during his lifetime, Abdullah bin Mubarak made many visits to Tarsus, a city in Turkey. On one trip, he stopped at an inn, in Raqqa (Syria). Every time he came to the city, there as a young man who provided everything he needed.

One day when he stopped at Raqqa, he did not meet the young man. In a hurry to continue his journey, he did not pay attention to the young man, even though he had heard rumors about the disaster that had befallen that poor young man.

Upon returning from his journey, he asked the people, “Where is the young man who usually serves my needs?”

One of the residents replied, “He was detained because of the debt burden he was carrying, sir.”

“How big is the debt?” Abdullah bin Mubarak continued.

“Ten thousand dirhams, sir,” said another resident.

“Please show me, who and where is the house of the person who owed him,” Abdullah bin Mubarak asked.

After nightfall, Abdullah bin Mubarak invited the person who had obeyed the young man. Abdullah bin Mubarak then paid off the debt of the young man while saying, “I will pay off the debt of the young man on one condition, do not tell this incident to anyone as long as I am alive.”

After that, he passed through the night continuing his journey.

When returning to the city, Abdullah bin Mubarak met the young man and asked, “Where were you some time ago? Why were you not seen at the inn? “

The young man then told me, “O Abu Abdirrahman, I was arrested for not being able to pay off my debt.”

“How can you be free now?” Asked Abdullah bin Mubarak as if he did not know.

“There was someone who paid it off so I was free. However, until now, I don’t know who that person is, “he replied.

Abdullah bin Mubarak also replied, “Young people, thank God for helping you pay off the debt through that mysterious person.”

Until Abdullah bin Mubarak died, the lender kept his promise. He never told anyone.


Source: Sumber: Kitab Alf Qishshoh wa Qishshoh min Qashas ash-Shalihin wa as-Shalihat wa nawadir az-Zahidin waz-Zahidat karya Haniy al-Hajj

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