Every student seeking knowledge has certain courtesy and obligations need to be done, so that the knowledge he seeks can be understood and achieved as well as become a blessing. Said Hawa in his book Mustakhlis Tazkiyah an-Nafs, explains about courtesy and obligations that must be done by a student while seeking knowledge.

First, a student must purify his soul from morality which is despicable when seeking knowledge. This is intended so that there is a genuine intention to study, as an effort to eliminate ignorance. If despicable morals still envelop the student’s soul, then knowledge will be difficult to enter on him. Because knowledge is a worship of the heart, prayer is the soul and worship is inner to Allah SWT.

Second, in studying, a student is also encouraged to reduce his attachment to the busy world. Because of this, it will make it busy with the world and turn it away from knowledge. If the mind is divided, it will not be able to know the various nature that exists. Therefore, there is an adage that rings

“Knowledge will not give you part of it, before you give it to your whole soul. If you have given all your soul to it, but it has only given a portion to you, then you are in danger. “

Because the mind is branching out when you are studying various things. Like a small river where the water splits everywhere, so that some of it is absorbed by the soil and some is inhaled by air. So that nothing is collected and gets to the crop fields.

Third, the knowledge seekers should be tawadhu’ and not arrogant, either to people who are stupid or knowledgeable. And also not arbitrary to the teacher, even though the teacher’s level of knowledge is under the student’s. Because knowledge is reluctant to arrogant youth, as the flood is reluctant to high ground. Therefore, a student must listen to the advice of his teacher and obey him.

Fourth, people who are seeking or pursuing knowledge at an early stage should guard themselves from hearing disputes between humans. Both the knowledge that is occupied by the world or the hereafter. Because it will confuse the mind and brain, and will make a desperate to do a study and deep examination of knowledge.

Fifth, knowledge seeker should not leave a branch of knowledge that is commendable or one type of knowledge. Because knowledge supports each other and is related to one another. Therefore, in learning, it is not recommended to hate a branch of knowledge even though the knowledge is difficult.

Sixth, in studying, a student is not recommended to pursue all scientific fields at once. But, pursue in the order and begin with the most important. Because of this, it will lead to focussion and will also bring understanding to the knowledge that is half-hearted, and can lead to wrong understanding. A seeker of knowledge is also not possible to pursue all fields of knowledge, because knowledge is so broad while human age is so limited.

Seventh, a student who is studying is also not recommended to enter a branch of knowledge before mastering the previous branch of knowledge. This is because knowledge has been arranged sequentially, and some of it is a way for some others. And the person who gets the knowledge in demanding is the person who keeps the sequence and the stages.

Eighth, for a student who will demand knowledge should know the causal factors by which he can know the most noble knowledge. The most noble knowledge is knowledge that can bring benefits to others, both world knowledge and the hereafter.

Ninth, the aim of a student in the world is to decorate and beautify his mind with the primacy of knowledge. And the purpose in the hereafter is to get closer to Allah SWT, and the creatures of His creation that have a high degree. It is not recommended for students who study to have a purpose to get power, wealth, rank, or fool the fools, or boast to fellow knowledgeable people.

Tenth, in seeking knowledge, one should know the relation between knowledge and its purpose, so that it can prioritize higher than low, and more important than others. Important here is that the knowledge learned is able to bring happiness to the world and the hereafter.

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