Someone will be said to understand and live the religion if his heart has been filled with love that comes from God. Almighty, the owner of love. Then this life will be beautiful.

Isn’t hatred and war making life stuffy and torturous?

Blasphemy and human betrayal of love and the holy message of God that has made religious teachings which at first was a peaceful love and invitation, but in fact religion has been degraded to become a source of bloody conflict. We can just pretend to find an explanation and justification for why the religious community is involved in a conflict.

But if we just enter to our deepest little heart and use healthy reason in understanding religion, every believer will surely condemn violence and humiliation against fellow human beings, especially those who believe in God regardless of their religion.

Islam as a way of life not only for the benefit of Muslims, but must be able to touch the public interest outside of Islam and for Islam itself.

But it seems too selfish if Islam is only concerned with itself, considering that Islam in this part of the world is a minority and a majority. Islam must be present as a solution to various problems.

In the midst of such conditions, the presence of Islamic moderation is expected to be a solution. The face of the moderation of Islam in question does not mean that Islam is in a neutral position in black and white as is often addressed to the term moderation itself.

The real face of moderation in Islam is fighting for universal values ​​of justice (ta’adul), equality / tolerance ( tasamuh), balance (tawazun), and spreading mercy for all beings, where those values ​​have strong historical roots in tradition of the Prophet and Friends.

This multicultural Indonesia must be able to be managed well, wisely and according to its portion. Islam as a majority people must be a good and wise pioneer in Indonesia’s diversity. Because of religion, whatever the religion, the more days these followers will increase.

For example, Islam. Muslims who are deepening their religion, the religion in their minds will crystallize, and the more crystallized, the more the reduction of the substance of Islam itself will crystallize.
In the past, Islam emerged as a liberator or in the Koran Min al zulumati ila an nur. But the longer we see that lately it seems as if Islam is a shaman.
How many Islamic figures whose moderation is still low, many of these words are illegitimate, don’t be like this, don’t be so, they are our right wrong, and even so far as to label infidels.

It’s sad to see the face of Islam like this. Islam is like losing grace for what it should be.
Departing from these phenomena, it seems that we as Muslims must display the faces of Islam that are polite, harmonious, and responsive to social. Moderation of Islam has become so important in the midst of mutual life among religious people.
Moderation of Islam must be continuously fought for in social life.
Moderation of Islam that is responsive to civilization and humanity is quite simple. That is enough to be carried out in harmony, and religiously proportionally.
I think this harmony is more familiar to ordinary people, and it is easy to understand all groups of strata rather than other academic terms that refer to the same meaning as harmony. Some terms have the same tendency to get along well; tolerance, moderation.

In the framework of religion, harmony is a universal framework for humanity and civilization. Pillars are an important manifestation.
If we look at the normative framework, no religion teaches conflict or violence to its followers. All authentic religions teach virtue to their followers. The teaching of virtue in all religions signifies that true virtue is in harmony with high human dignity.
Rukun is proportional religious moderation for civilization and humanity. Islam recognizes the right to life of other religions and respects the adherents of other religions to carry out the teachings of each religion.

Herein lies the teachings of Islam. Herein lies the Islamic moderation regarding religious harmony. Not solely for Islam itself but for civilization and humanity.

Wallahu Allam

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