In the tabi’in era, there lived two great scholars. Both were Hasan al-Basri (642 – 728 AD) and Abu Bakar Muhammad bin Sirin al-Basri (653 – 729 AD) or better known as Ibn Sirin.

Although separated by ten years, they both were close friends. However, for some reason, the friendship relationship became tenuous.
Every time the name Ibn Sirin is mentioned before Hasan al-Basri, he always respond sarcastically “Avoid us from mentioning the weaver!”

Please note, one of Ibn Sirin’s skills is weaving. Until one night, Hasan al-Bashri had a dream. In the dream, it was as if he was naked, standing in a garbage dump while holding a stick.
In the morning, he was worried and disturbed by the dream.

He then ordered one of his santri (student) to meet Ibnu Sirin. “Tell him about this dream but tell him that it was your dream,” he asked.

The santri went to meet Ibnu Sirin at his house. He then told the dream to Ibn Sirin. After listening to the story of the dream, Ibn Sirin said responding, “Tell the person who saw the dream, don’t ask this kind of thing to the weaver.”

Finally, the santri returned home. He told what happened and Ibn Sirin’s words were conveyed to him. That dream increasingly made Hasan al-Basri’s heart upset.

He then said to his students, “Let’s go. We shall meet him. ”

Both of them left to meet Ibn Sirin. When he saw Hasan al-Basri came, Ibn Sirin immediately got up and greeted him. Both of them then pray for each other’s salvation.
The distance between the two friends was lost. The relationship between the two returned to be good and warm.

Both of them then sat down and admonished each other and reminded of the problem that had happened between them.
Until then Hasan al-Basri said, “Never mind. Forget it all. Now I am overwhelmed with anxiety. My heart is disturbed by my dream last night. ”

Seeing the anxiety of his best friend, Ibn Sirin responded casually. He also said, “Don’t let that dream bother you. The dream is a good sign. Indeed, naked in your dreams is your nakedness from the world. Your heart no longer adheres to world affairs.”

“The landfill describes this world. You have opened the real situation of this world so that you can see the true world. Whereas the stick you hold is a picture of the wisdom or wisdom that you say and people take advantage of that wisdom. ”

Hearing the interpretation of the dream, the anxiety of Hasan al-Basri vanished. After Ibn Sirin finished his story, Hasan al-Bashri inquired probingly, “How did you know that it was my dream?”

Smiling, Ibn Sirin replied, “When your santri told me about the dream, I thought and thought it was not his dream. My guess is that no one should dream of such a thing except you. ”

Source: Alf Qishshoh wa Qishshoh min Qashas ash-Shalihin wa as-Shalihat wa nawadir az-Zahidin waz-Zahidat by Haniy al-Hajj.

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