Book Tittle:  Keteladanan KH Abdullah Zain Salam: Kiat Sukses Membangun Pendidikan Keluarga

Writer : DR Jamal Ma’mur Asmani, MA

Publisher : CV Global Press

Year : December 2018

Pages : 224 pages + XXXII


The problem of education in the modern era is increasingly complex. Education is faced with various problems that are long and interrelated. Among the problems of education is the moral decadence of students. Students are caught up in promiscuity, free sex, taking drugs and so on.

This reality is certainly very heartbreaking, and it is our responsibility to move on and begin to pay attention to education starting from our own family. Because our children are nation cadres who will hold the leadership baton of the future.

Indeed education is a process towards maturation so that people understand the meaning and nature of life, the purpose of life, and how to live life properly. In this context, Ki Hajar Dewantara interpreted education as an effort to advance the character, mind and body of the child in accordance with nature and society.

Such acute moral decadence that afflicts today’s young generation needs to be a shared concern for parents, teachers, and other educational stakeholders.

Exemplary Education in the Family from the Kiai

KH Abdullah Zain Salam is one of the kiaiullah who belongs to the Javanese islands. He was born in Kajen Margoyoso Pati in 1910, from a family of respected scholars, KH Abdussalam bin Abdullah bin Ismail bin Bunyamin bin Muhammd Hendro bin KH Ahmad Mutamakkin. One of the most famous mayors and his followers was pilgrimage in Pati. Gus Dur, a day after being appointed as the 4th President of the Republic of Indonesia, made a pilgrimage to Syaikh Ahmad Mutamakkin’s tomb.

What is the secret of KH Abdullah Zain Salam’s success in family education? KH Abdullah Salam educates his children seriously. He controls the education of his children so that they are on the right path in seeking knowledge so that they will be able to continue the struggle of their predecessors. As a community leader and boarding school caregiver, KH Abdullah Zain Salam has the obligation to prepare the next generation, especially from his children, who are able to continue the struggle of the pesantren which is their ancestral heritage.

Some of the thoughts and educational practices of KH Abdullah Zain Salam that can be imitated in today’s life are:

First, Diligent alms for children, Mbah Dullah Salam — once he was familiarly called — often gives charity which the merit of it were then rewarded to his children, grandchildren. In the context of this charity, Mbah Dullah is often make a nadzar syukuran in the form of serving food for people at Syaikh Ahmad Mutamakkin’s grave when his children are able to surpass other tests and educational assignments.

Second, planning children’s education. KH Abdullah Zain Salam prepare a very careful planning, so that the process and results are in line with expectations. He planned to educate his children from the 5th grade of Madrasah by starting to memorize the Koran. This is because the age of children is a golden age to memorize because their memory is still empty.

Third, train children’s independence; training children’s independence is important so that children have mental endurance in facing any situation in their lives.

Fourth, discipline. In educating children, Mbah Dul is always firm. Children must implement the rules and be able to reach the set targets. Mbah Dullah did not hesitate to punish his child when the child did not meet the target; but the punishmen made do not cause anhy pain or injury.

Fifth, Mbah Dullah did not tell her child to study at the A or B pesantren, but when the child has chosen to study at the A or B boarding school, she must be responsible for their choice.

Sixth, Mbah Dullah encourages her children to focus and concentrate on the Koran. This indicates that the child must master one branch of science in depth.

The tips practiced by Mbah Dullah Salam as above were able to deliver the son of KH Abdullah Zain Salam to become a successful human being, with good moral character, and obeying Allah and His Messenger. The three sons of KH Abdullah Zain Salam became scholars who were able to continue the inheritance of the pesantren and schools which had been initiated by Mbah Dullah Salam.

His tips, according to the author, are still very relevant, especially in the promotion of children in this information age 4.0. Parents are sometimes faced with a complicated dilemma, where the children of this era are asking for an Android phone with lots of game features. It is feared that children will be negligent in their learning assignments. But if not given an Android cellphone, the child is considered to be less sociable, not up to date because their peers already have an Android cellphone.

In this situation parents must be wise, for example given an Android cellphone but with certain terms and agreements. So the cellphone does not neglect thier duties as a student.

Unfortunately, theme elaborated in the book by Dr. Jamal Ma’mur is more to son of KH Abdullah Zain Salam, not including his daughter. But overall, this book is highly recommended for students, parents, and so on. 

Wallahu A’lam Bi Ashawaab.

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