In the city of Marwa, there was a leader and a qadli named Nuh bin Maryam. He had many pleasures and a perfect life. He had a daughter who was good at character, beautiful and perfect.

Many of the state officials and leaders proposed her yet she hadn’t agree to any of them. The qodli was hesitant and confused about his daughter’s matchmaking. He did not know to whom he would marry his daughter with.

Inwardly, he said, “If I marry my daughter with one of them, I will hurt and disappoint the others.”

Qodli Nuh bin Maryam had a good and pious male slave named Mubarak. He also had a manicured garden and lots of plants, fruits and seeds.

Qodli Nuh bin Maryam said to his slave, “I want you to look after the garden there.”

Mubarak nodded while saying, “Yes, sir. I will leave immediately.”

Mubarak left and settled in the garden for two months. One day, his employer, Nuh bin Maryam visited the garden. He said to Mubarak, “O Mubarak, get me a sprig of grape.” Without speaking much, Mubarak immediately took a sprig of grape and handed it to his employer.

When the employer ate it, it turned out to be sour. The employer said, “Bring me another one!” It was also done repeatedly, but all the grape he had tasted was all sour. The employer was annoyed and said, “Why is it that you did not get me grape from a garden this big except that it tasted sour?”

Looking down, Mubarak replied, “Sorry, sir. That happens because I don’t know which grape is sour and sweet. ”

Subhanallah. You lived in this garden for two months and did not know which grape was sweet and sour?” Said Qodli Nuh bin Maryam.

The slave, Mubarak said, “Yes, sir. I never tasted it. So, I don’t know which grape is sour and which is sweet. ”

“Why don’t you eat it?” Asked the employer.

Mubarak responded to his employer’s question, “Because you ordered me to look after it, not to eat it. And I can’t betray you, sir. ”

Qodli Nuh bin Maryam was surprised and amazed at the morality of Mubarak, the slave. He then said, “May Allah pay attention to your honesty.”

The Qodli finally found out that the slave was a young man who was intelligent in his mind and knowledgeable.

Then he said, “O young man, I am interested and put my heart in you. You better do what I tell you.”

Mubarak firmly replied,” I obey Allah and also to you, sir. ”

Qodli Nuh bin Maryam continued speaking, “Know. I have a beautiful girl. Many of the dignitaries and prominent people purposed my daughter. Meanwhile, I don’t know who I should marry her to. Therefore, give me advice and opinions on my problem. ”

Mubarak, the slave then said confidently, “Sir, know that the people in the era of Jahiliyyah wanted origins, ancestral glory, and ancestral nasab; Jews and Christians look for beautiful and good looking faces; and at the time of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam, they sought those who were pious and devoted; and today, people look for partners based on property and wealth. Now, choose one of the four criteria, which one do you want?”

The Qodli said, “O my servant, I have chosen people who is pious and devoted. I want to marry you to my daughter because I have found the goodness of religion and piety in you. I have proven your devotion and trustworthiness. ”

Mubarak replied, “O sir, I am a Hindiy slave. You have bought me with your treasure. How do I match up with your daughter and then you bless me?! ”

Qodli Nuh bin Maryam said, “Let’s go back home to think about this problem.”

When the two arrived home, Qodli said to his wife, “My wife, know that this slave is a person whose religion and devotion is good. I like his piety. I want to match it with our daughter. What do you think?”

His wife replied, “Father, this matter is entirely in your hands, but preferably, let me tell our daughter first. I’ll give you the answer later.” Then the mother came to her daughter and delivered her father’s message.”

The Princess then replied, “Whatever the mothers command me, I will do it. I will not get out of the provisions of God and the command of the father-mother. I will not disobey father by opposing your orders.”

Then, Qodli Nuh bin Maryam married Mubarak with his daughter and rewarded the two brides with a lot of wealth. Among the fruits of this blessed marriage are the birth of Abdullah bin Mubarak, the owner of knowledge, the one with zuhud attitude, and the narrator of the hadith. As long as this world still exists, the story of it will always be told.


Source: Alf Qishshoh wa Qishshoh min Qashas ash-Shalihin wa as-Shalihat wa nawadir az-Zâhidîn waz-Zâhidât by Hâniy al-Hâjj.

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