Abu Abdillah Muhammad ibn Ismail al-Bukhari (194–256 H / 810–870 AD) – Mostly known called as al-Bukhari – was a hadith scholar from the city of Bukhara (Uzbekistan) who was famous among hadith experts from the past until now.

Because of his expertise, many people crowned him as amirul mukminin fil Hadits. His expertise was also heard and interfered some of elite ulemas in a city known as Islamic centers at that time, Baghdad (Iraq).

When they heard the news that al-Bukhari was going to visit Baghdad, they gathered and arranged a plan. They wanted to test al-Bukhari’s expertise in the field of hadith. They then agreed to scramble a number of hadith’s sanad and exchange the text of the hadith with (matan) another text of hadith, and instead exchange the sanad of hadith with another hadith and submited it to ten chosen people to test al-Bukhari.

Each of them then brought ten randomized hadiths. So, there were one hundred hadiths that had been randomized and prepared to be tested to al-Bukhari.

Arriving in Baghdad, al-Bukhari was then invited to a council used for discussion. Clerics from all over places came to his assembly, both from Baghdad itself and Khurasan. He was asked to deliver the hadiths he had narrated. In the assembly, ten people who had been prepared were also presented. After the assembly ran for a while, the ten people asked questions in turn.

Of all the questions asked, al-Bukhari only answered with the same answer, “I don’t know it.”

However, when knowing all the questions had been asked, al-Bukhari then answered one by one from the first questioner to the tenth questioner. Al-Bukhari restored the conformity of the hadith to its sanad and its matan correctly. Since that event, they acknowledged the power of memorization and the primacy of al-Bukhari in the field of hadith and that he was the best compared to others.

Source : Kitab Alf Qishshoh wa Qishshoh min Qashas ash-Shalihin wa as-Shalihat wa nawadir az-Zahidin waz-Zahidat karya Haniy al-Hajj

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