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Peace has always been seen as a very appropriate solution for living together on this earth. On the other hand there are also groups that understand that peace is a sky doctrine that only God has. God is always touted as the creator of peace, while humans are creatures destined for war and hostility.

It is really an irony from groups that thinks so. What is even more outrageous is that the groups consider fighting or jihad as God’s most authentic command to solve humanitarian problems. This understanding is truly contradictory. On the one hand God is symbolized as the bearer of peace, but on the other hand God also teaches war.

Doctrines like this always assume that peace is the doctrine of the end, while the world is considered merely a game and fun that always ends with a humanitarian crisis, moral crisis and ethical crisis. The world is considered a place of stain and sin.

Looking at the doctrine as mentioned above, it seems that there needs to be an idea to construct our religion again, and initiate religious life based on peace. There are at least three efforts that we can do to initiate religion based on peace, regardless of religions.

First, there needs to be an awareness that indeed peace is the doctrine of God, and our job is to ground that doctrine, so that peace no longer belongs to God alone, but is a shared responsibility of humans throughout the world, no matter what their religion they attach themselves to.

Second, broadcasting the world is a place of peace. The world is not just a game and just fun. There needs to be an understanding that religion in the world means fighting for the teachings of humanity, regardless of religion.

Third, peace is the essential essence of a civilized life. Peace is a religious principle that must be pursued by every individual, so religion is finally interpreted as a way of living peacefully and understanding diversity.

Religion is no longer in conflict, no longer hates, no longer suspicious. As far as non-violent efforts are carried out, insofar as peace efforts are carried out, then that’s where the essence of religion is implemented.

Wallahu Allam.

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