One night, after completing the Maghrib prayer, Abdullah bin Muhammad bin A’isyah returned home. In the middle of the way home, there was a young man from the Quraysh tribe who was drunk.

The young man held a girl’s hand and pulled it. The girl then shouted for help. People came and gathered and beat the young man until he was battered.

Seeing the incident, Ibn A’isyah carefully watched the young man. Apparently, he recognized the Quraish youth’s face. He then shouted to the people, “Get out of your brother’s son!” After the people left, he said to the young man, “Come on, my niece!”

Hearing the loving call, the young man became embarrassed. He did not dare to approach. Then Sheikh Ibn A’isyah approached. As he pressed his body against the young man, he said, “Come with me, son.”

Like a buffalo being snatched in its nose, the young man joined in with Sheikh Ibn A’isyah. Arriving at the house, Ibn A’isyah put the young man home and handed him over to the servant as he advised, “I leave this young man to you tonight. If he is aware of his drunkenness, tell him what happened to him. ”

“Do not let him go until you come to me with him,” said Sheikh Ibn A’isyah.

After the young man regained consciousness, the servant told him what had happened to him. The young man became embarrassed and cried. He intended to go home just like that. But the servant prevented him and said, “Sheikh Ibn A’isyah has ordered you to meet him.”

The servant then took this young Quraysh to Sheikh Ibn A’isyah. After allowing the young man, Sheikh Ibn A’isyah asked inquire,

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, son?”

“You were born of the tribe of Quraysh. Are you not ashamed of the glory of your nasab? ”

“Don’t you know who gave birth to you?”

“Fear to God. Deliver yourself from the puddle of the black valley that you have been in.”

Cursed with the questions that came repeatedly, the young Quraysh could only cry while lowering his head. Only a few moments later, he raised his head then said,

“O Sheikh, I swear to Allah ta’ala who will ask me on the Day of Judgment. I really won’t repeat the habit of drinking intoxicating drinks. And neither will it return to the black valley that I have been in. Now I really repent,” he stressed.

After hearing the young man’s repentance, Sheikh Ibn A’isyah said full emotion, “Come closer to me, son.” With affection, Sheikh Ibn Aisyah kissed the head of the young Quraysh as he said, “Good, my child. You have made a smart decision.”

Since then, the young Quraysh have never left the Majlis of Sheikh Ibn A’isyah. He always wrote the hadith from him. All of that thanks to the compassionate attitude of Sheikh Ibn A’isyah. The Sheikh then advised us all,

“Indeed, everyone invites good (ma’ruf) and prevents munkar, but the good they suggest is denied. Therefore, be merciful in all your affairs, surely you get what you are looking for.”

Source: Narrated by Muhammad bin Zakariya al-Ghulabi (Hadith expert cleric from the City of Basra) in the “Ihya ‘Ulumiddin” by Al-Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazaliy.

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