One day, when Juha taught suluk (taking spiritual path to Allah) to his son, both came to a question. When Juha orders his son to do something to get the answer, the child opposed it and said,

“O father, what will people say if we do that?”

Then the father, Juha, wanted to teach a lesson that would beneficial for his son and make him turn away from the effort to achieve human’s ridla, because such ridla was a goal that could never be achieved.

Juha took her son for a walk. Juha climbed his khimar, while his son was left walking behind him. Just a few steps, the two met a group of women.

They shouted at Juha, “O old man, is there love in your heart? You ride your Khimar, while your son you let walk behind you. ”

Juha then went down and told his sons to ride his vehicle. The two then continued the journey until they met a group of parents who were sitting in the hot sun. Their eyes were fixed on a foolish old man who walked and let his son ride on a vehicle.

One of them said, “O old man, you walk in exhaustion because of old age and leave your child on the Khimar. After that, you hope your child learns about shame and manners? ”

Juha said to his son, “Did you hear that? Come here, my son. Now we ride this khimar together.”

After a few steps, the two met animal lovers. They shouted at an old man and his child,

“Don’t you fear Allah about this thin animal. Will you ride this animal together, while your weight is heavier than that animal? ”

Then Juha and her child went down. He said to his son, “Didn’t you hear that, my son? Now we should walk together. Let the khimar walk before us so that we are saved from the bad words of the people.”

Both go hand in hand while a khimar walks in front of him. Then they meet a group of nosy people. They made their behavior both an ingredient of jesting and ridicule.

They said, “By Allah, there is no right for this khimar except to ride the two of you so that you two free him from the weight of the journey.”

Long story short, Juha listened and followed the words of the nosy people. Juha and his son approached a tree on the roadside. He then cut a strong branch and tied the khimar to the branch.

The two of them then carried the khimar. Not a few steps past, there was a group of people following them while laughing at the strange sight; a police officer leads Juha, her son and a khimar to the Soul Saki House.

Arriving at the Mental Hospital, Juha explained to her son about the conclusion of the experience that had reached its peak. He turned to his son and said,

“O my son, this is the result of people who listen and follow everything people say with no clear source to start with (qiila wa qaala), and does not do anything except for wanting to please and please all humans.”

Source: “Alf Qishshah wa Qishshah min Qashash ash-Shalihin wa ash-Shalihat” karya Haniy al-Hajj

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